Gdańsk ul. Wały Jagiellońskie 2/4

Elfeko S.A.

first prize in a SARP contest - 2017 r.

- total area: 30 717,4
- floor area: 27 366,4
- office area: 4899,4
- retail area: 3146,6
- hotel area: 11309,9

The second prize (the only one admitted) in a SARP contest, 2017.
The main assumption for the designed building is reconstructing the symmetrical build-up setting in relation to the NBP building, for which Brama Wyżynna sets the symmetry axis.

In the building there will be more than 120 hotel rooms, offices, and retail spaces. All the commercial area has been placed in the south part, as well as throughout the whole ground floor naturally merging the building with its surrounding public space. The two-level arcade, as well as the inner yard and pathways add to the overall attractiveness. For the building not to seem as a solid block it has been versified by usage of different facades. On the Wały Jagiellońskie side, where the office part will be located, the facade will be made of glass, making this side of the building seem lighter. The south and east facades resemble the style typical of hotels in historical cities, directly relating to historic buildings of Targ Węglowy by utilising similar materials (brick and limestone).