Warszawa, ul. Marszałkowska 100/102

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Państwowy S.A.

first prize in a contest

- total area: 3285 m2
- lot area: 1655m2

A concept of a PKO BP S.A. branch building, in which bank's premises are located in the ground floor and partially in the basement, while the remaining underground part is used for a cafe, function-wise integrated with a town square. The cafe has been planned to be open all year round, while the terrace is fitted to function only in summer. At the level with the mezzanine a restaurant has been designed with a separate entrance. The form of the building by design constitutes an intersection between two bodies - one open and covered in glass and one solid and lightly supported. The fully transparent block resembling a cylinder (on a polygonal plot) contrasts with the opaque structure with wooden facade. This contrast reflects two separate and distinct parts of the building, having two different functions: one part with the function of a bank, located in the transparent space, integrated with the surroundings, and easily accessed from the street level; and one part dedicated to gastronomical services, located in the elevated area, constituting a separate and autonomous space, detached from the surrounding city.