ul. Targ Drzewny 12-14, Gdańsk

Oltim Sp. z o.o.


- lot area: 616m2
- buildup area: 560 m2
- total area: 3333.9 m2
- over-ground area: 2766,9 m2
- under-ground area: 567 m2
- floor area: 2521.4 m2
- floor area of the retail part: 847.1 m2
- floor area of the hotel part: 1674.3 m2
- total volume 11612.2 m3
- build-up height: 20,70 m

The designed reconstruction of the building would make it fulfil its main function - a three-storey hostel with hotel apartments on the top-most storey. Within its ground-floor area there would be hostel entrances, as well as commercial premises in places of the previously existing ones. All the commercial premises have been designed with rental in mind.