Gdańsk, ul. Cedrowa

Projekt II Sp. z o.o. grupa Eco Classic

in progress

- number of flats: 1250
- total floor area: 56 217 m2
- commercial area: 3937 m2
- thorough documentation and specification under development

The office realised the project of designing plot area development

A complex of nine residential and commercial blocks of different heights. The assumed number of 1250 flats gives the complex the stature of an independent development. Eight units have been designed in the middle of the plot, along the main compositional axis going from east to west. They are all based on the shape of the letter "U" and their horizontal sides create the frontage of the main compositional passage, while the vertical sides enclose the open inner yards. Each of the units includes an inner yard open outward. Roads and parking lots have been laid out on the complex's rim, while walk-paths in its inside - a solution granting clarity and functionality.

The designed development layout fits demanding terrain conditions within the plot.

urban planing: Kozikowski Design Spółka Jawna architecture: Fabiński, Gocłowski - Architekci Sp. z o.o.