ul. Długa Grobla 8/10

Atal S.A.


- floor area: 9687,1 m2
- total area: 19056 m2
- number of apartments: 168
- number of commercial spaces: 10
- number of parking spaces in parking lots: 160

A complex of two residential blocks located in an area entered into the registry of historic monuments. The AB building is placed by Dłoga Grobla Street while CD in the west part of the plot.

Both buildings have been based on the geometrical shape of the letter 'L" and are posithioned in such a way as to form an inner yard open towards the South. The longer sides run along the east and west borders of the plot while tho shorter ones enclose the yard from the Nort.

The ground level of the AB building has been ascribed for commercial purposes and the whole area of the plot has been used for an underground parking lot.