Gdańsk, ul. Lastadia

Invest Komfort S.A.


- floor area: 18663 m2
- total area: 21569 m2
- number of flats: 191
- number of commercial spaces: 9
- number of parking spaces: 202

A complex of two residential blocks with commercial facilities. The building A comprises seven sections with individual staircases and elevators. The building has been based on the shape of the letter 'M'. The north-west part of the building is covered by high pitched roofs with their ridge parallel to the building's facade, while the rest of the building is fitted with flat roofing. The building B has been designed on the basis of a triangular shape and is built entirely over the underground part of the complex. The sharp east corner of the building is its very outstanding element. Such building form provides the complex's interior with much sunlight. Both buildings are six-storey buildings.