7/9/11 Sopot Emilia Plater Str

Politechnika Gdańska


- building area: 1.026.3 m2
- cumulative total area: 3.562.8 m2
- total usable area: 2.298,m2
- total number of rooms and apartments: 40
1st award in the competition

Eureka is a historical villa located next to a boardwalk in Sopot, Emilia Plater Street. In the conceptual design revitalisation of the building was planned to restore its original expression and suggested expanding its purpose by conference facilities and rehabilitation centre, in addition to its current hotel functions. What is more, its rooms are going to be upgraded to the three-star standard and the whole building is being handicapped-adjusted - receiving elevators and simplified communication pathways. Within the planned rehabilitation centre there are going to be consultation offices and a physiotherapy room.