LOT Polish Airlines Multifuncional Building

function:A multifunctional building (a hotel, offices, gastronomy, retail spaces)

Gdańsk ul. Wały Jagiellońskie 2/4

Elfeko S.A.

- total area: 30 717,4
- floor area: 27 366,4
- office area: 4899,4
- retail area: 3146,6
- hotel area: 11309,9

As the only realisation, it was awarded the second-degree award by the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) in 2017
The basic assumption for the designed development is to recreate a symmetrical urban layout in relation to the NBP building, for which the axis of symmetry is Brama Wyżynna. The building is expected to accommodate over 120 hotel rooms, offices and service premises. The services have been designed in the southern part and the entire ground floor, which will naturally connect the investment with the public space. The two-storey arcade, as well as the internal square and pedestrian routes will emphasise their attractiveness. In order for the building not to constitute a uniform body, it was decided to break it down by designing different façades. An office part will be located on the side of Wały Jagiellońskie, closed with an extensive, double glass façade. Glass characteristic of office functions will relieve this part of the building. The southern and eastern façades are typical of hotels in historic city centres. The materials used here (brick and sandstone) refer directly to the materials found in historic buildings at Targ Węglowy (the former Coal Market).