Budynki biurowe (X-YARD)

function:Office buildings complex

Nowomiejska-Popiełuszki-Jaracza Str., Gdańsk

RKD Development Gdańsk sp. zo.o.

2018 r.

Total area – 55.285 m2
- usable area – 49.650 m2
- number of service premises – 7
- number of parking spaces - 296

X-Yard is a planned investment co-creating a new structure in the post-shipyard area, directly adjacent to the building which is the symbol of Gdańsk - the European Solidarity Centre. The project provides for the construction of a complex of three office buildings with seven above-ground floors and one common underground floor, with additional services and a lobby within the ground floor. The quarter, built up with modern forms, creates an internal courtyard, introducing a new urban value in the space of the Young City. The façades of the buildings are designed to be expressive, harmonizing with the characteristic industrial buildings of the surroundings, referring to the characteristic, industrial buildings of the Gdańsk Shipyard. Solutions were adopted based on two complementary technologies of curtain walls. The main part consists of translucent glass, mullion-transom walls on a substructure made of aluminum columns. Additionally, an opaque part was introduced, formed of decorative columns and beams finished with composite panels with a colour imitating copper.