Gdańsk, ul. Opacka

Invest Komfort


- total area: 9142 m2
- floor area: 4165,9 m2
- build-up area: 1477,1 m2
- number of apartments: 53

A concept of four residential blocks. Each building comprises four storeys holding 53 flats. Underneath the buildings there is an underground level containing a parking lot. The buildings were designed to offer the best possible lighting conditions, as well as attractive views, therefore located in the outer edges of the lot and creating an inner yard available to all residents. The common area would be divided with decorative greenery of various heights. The aim of the design was to create serene character of the space, further enhanced by an area fitted with shallow water reservoirs, a playground, and minor architecture in the centre of the lot. The inner yard allows entrance to the fitness centre and a club room located in the underground part of the complex.