21 Pułaskiego Str., Sopot


- three-/four-storey building
- property area: 2.744 m²
- building area:1..362 m²
- cumulative total area: 5.130 m²/6.096 m²
including: underground area: 17.45 m²/1..745 m²
above ground area: 3385 m²/3.385 m² + 966 m²
- total cubic capacity: 20.828 m³/23.395 m³
- usable area: 4.498,4 m²/5.170,6m²
- number of hotel rooms: 68/75
- number of parking spaces: 73/47
- project in preparation for construction
- construction project - April 2022.

A multi-variant conceptual design of a hotel building located in Sopot at 21 Pułaskiego St within the area covered by the decision on entering in the register of monuments. There currently exists a building intended for either preservation or restoration on the property. Due to the poor technical condition, the project involves demolition and then reconstruction of the building with a view of adapting it to the new hotel function and designing a lobby bar in the reconstructed building, connected by a glass connector with the main body of the hotel designed on the plots. The main entrance is designed from Pulaski St. The entrance area of the hotel with the lobby-bar is adjacent to Przyjaciół Sopotu Sq, which is a municipal investment. The designed hotel is a building with three (or, according to the second option, four) above-ground storeys and one underground storey, covered with a flat roof. Both building shapes are placed on a common underground floor. In the basement there is an underground garage with a mechanical vehicle parking system. Along the southern and eastern border of the plot, a generally accessible pedestrian route is planned, as prescribed by the provisions of the Local Development Plan (MPZP).