Gdańsk ul. Toruńska 1



- total area: 38780m2
- floor area: 29389m2
- number of parking spaces on the lot: 502

A museum building occupying the quadrant of Rzeźnicka, Kocurki, Żabi Kruk, and Toruńska in Gdańsk.

The concept of Muzeum Narodowe building comprises the functional expansion of the existing Museum quarters. It was designed to hold permanent and temporary expositions of art from various fields: painting, sculpting, graphics, photography, tapestry, embroidery, and multimedia. This primary function will be enriched with technical and storage infrastructure, as well as educational one.
In the east part there is a building of residential and commercial purposes with multilevel car park providing parking space for other venues outside of the lot.

The closed part of Rzeźnicka st. between main entrances to both buildings of Muzeum Narodowe would become a town square giving the buildings a functional connection and adding to the site the value of public space where various events, such as museum oriented happenings, might take place.