function:Complex of multi-family residential buildings

Gdańsk, Piecki – Migowo, okolice ulicy Warneńskiej i Belgradzkiej

Doraco SA

2014 r.

- building plot area: 18.371 m2
- building area 2.742 m2
- cumulative total area: 22.752 m2
- total usable area: 18 503,0 m2
- number of flats: 226
- number of parking spaces: 271

The buildings are designed on a rectangular and trapezoidal plan. They are arranged in a way that ensures sunlight and natural lighting of the rooms, as required by the technical conditions. The arrangement of the buildings in two rows on the plot made it possible to use the advantage of the plot located on the escarpment and provide a good view from the windows of virtually every apartment - whether it is south-east or north-west. Each building has an underground level (extending beyond the outline of the above-ground floor plan), where storage rooms, technical and utility rooms (pram/bicycle rooms) and garages are located. Due to the provision of the local development plan, according to which the length of the building silhouette of more than 5 above-ground storeys cannot exceed 20m, 5-6-storey and 5-11-storey buildings have been designed. All floors are connected by elevator cranes. Both single- and double-staircase buildings are planned. The buildings are covered with flat roofs. The colours of the façade were designed in shades of white and grey to avoid the effect of being “overwhelmed” by the density and the height of the buildings.