Sopot, ul. Okrzei



- five-storey buildings
- lot area: 7667 m²
- build-up area: 1917 m²
- total area: 12233 m²
- under-ground area: 4596 m²
- over-ground area: 7637 m²
- total volume: 39957 m³
- total area of flats: 5548,3 m²
- number of flats: 86
- number of parking spaces: 127

Architectural concept of multi-family residential buildings in Sopot at Okrzei Street. Seven buildings have been designed, three of which are located in the south-west part of the site and constitute the first stage of the project, thus are labeled A, B, and C, while the remaining four buildings - D, E, F, and G, are located in the north-east part and constitute the second stage. All the buildings have been designed on rectangular planes and placed in a way so that their long sides remain parallel to Karlikowska street. Such orientation allows for sufficient insulation, as required by building regulations, as well as providing natural lighting of the interiors. The designed buildings assume five-storey construction, including the basement level, covered with mansard roofs. The buildings' basic shape is made more interesting due to wooden verandas.