function:Bank with a gastronomic part

100/102 Marszałkowska St., Warsaw,

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Państwowy S.A.

main award

- total area: 3285 m2
- property area: 1655m2

The concept of the building of a branch of the PKO BP S.A. bank, where the bank's premises are located on the ground floor and partially in the basement, and a cafe functionally integrated with the city square is located in the remaining part of the basement. The café will be open all year round and the terrace in the summer. A restaurant with an independent entrance has been designed on the mezzanine floor. The form of the building is intended to be an open, maximally glazed body with which the solid shape of the building, based on light supports, is intertwined. The fully translucent shape similar to a cylinder (in the projection of a polygon) contrasts with the full shape of the building, penetrating its interior with a wooden façade. This contrast corresponds to two designed independent parts of the building, performing different functions: the part with the function of a bank located in a fully transparent space, integrated with the surroundings and easily accessible from the street level, and the catering part located in a full block elevated above the street level and constituting its own independent space in detachment from the surrounding urban space.