Gdańsk, ul. Spichrzowa, ul. Żytnia

Nowy Spichlerz Development Sp. z o.o.

planned for 2019

- floor area: 12981,2 m2
- total area: 17325,3 m2
- number of hotel rooms: 163
- number of hotel apartments: 76
- number of parking spaces: 68

A three-building complex containing three parts:
- Aparthotel
- Hotel Ibis
- office area

This complex, of retail and hotel purposes, has been designed in accordance with local area development plan requirements as terraced housing.

Relating to historical housing of Wyspa Spichrzów it has been designed to recollect the past plot division of the area. The structures have been given modern architectural style by means of modern materials and architectural details. The building reflects clearly those forms of the old granaries which used to occupy the area and by using modern elements links it directly to the era it was designed in. According to the local area development plan its modern structure encompasses relics of three historical granaries: Czarny Kogut, Arka Noego, and Kuźnia.