ECO-CLASSIC, ul. Bukowińska 24A, 02- 703 Warszawa


- lot area: 19200 m2
- total complex area: 65900 m2

Building A:
- hotel part: 9500 m2 (220 rooms)
- Apart–Hotel: 11000 m2
- office space: 10250 m2
- lobby communication: 9900 m2

Building B:
- conference rooms: 5000 m2
- common and exhibition space: 7800m2
- conference centre offices: 1300m2
- retail and restaurant space: 500m2.

"Polski Hak" conference centre is a newly designed complex located in Gdańsk. Its name comes from historic name of the peninsula separating two main rivers of the city. The exceptional location of the building will make it an outstanding landmark of the waterway linking the Baltic Sea with the historical Gdańsk port. Its obelisk-shaped tower will be composed into the historical cityscape creating the new panorama. The total height of 170 m will make the building the tallest one in the region, as well as one of the highest in Poland.

The conference centre has been designed to be used by people from all over the Baltic region, not only those living in the northern part of Poland. The complex consists of two interconnected buildings - A and B. The first one, a high-rise of 45 levels, will include four and five-star hotels, apart-hotel, offices, medical centre with spa, as well as hotel area at the ground-floor. The second building, constituting a nineteen-meter podium, includes a conference centre of ten rooms of different sizes with the main auditorium holding up to 800 spectators. Both buildings are designed over a three-level basement purposed for an underground parking lot with 640 parking spaces.

Together with the conference centre a new waterfront will be made around the peninsula, as well as new road layout connecting the area with the city centre.