Pomeranian Philharmonic Concert Hall

function:Philharmonic Concert Hall

Bydgoszcz, Szwalbe Str.

Pomeranian Philharmonic

1st degree award of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) competition in 2020.

- Usable area – 18.450 m2
- cubic capacity – 90.500 m3
- number of parking spaces – 175

After analysing the plot, the character of the existing building, as well as the local law, the main conceptual assumptions were created, consisting in the maximum exposure of the existing, historic Philharmonic building without creating new, large cubatures in its immediate vicinity. As a result, practically the entire utility program of the extension was designed in the storeys below the ground and in an independent building in the western part of the plot. In order to expose the entrance part to the extension and give the extension a contemporary architectural expression, an expressive, dynamic and modern form was proposed, situated on a lowered part of the square adjacent to the existing building from the south. The space around the Pomeranian Philharmonic building was designed as a fully open city square, not only complementing the space, but also constituting a direct continuation of the adjacent park. The functional layout of the entire investment, including the expansion due to its nature, as well as clear zoning, was proposed as three independent parts with clear communication and spatial connections: the existing building of the Pomeranian Philharmonic with the main concert hall, planned underground expansion with concert halls with a strongly accentuated entrance zone in the form of a glass, inclined cube and an administrative building with a partially green façade, which is part of the future frontage.