Gdynia, ul. Zaciszna 2A

Zdrowie I Sp. z o.o. 


- lot area: 3766,6 m2 / 1447,5 m2
- build-up area: 1085,0 m2 / 440,0 m2
- total area: 8520,7 m2 / 1320,0 m2
- underground area: 1850,0 m2 / 440,0 m2
- overground area: 6670,7 m2 / 880,0 m2
- total volume: 28128,9 m3 / 5632,0 m3
- floor area: 7130,0 m2 / 1032,3 m2
- number of hotel rooms: 118
- number of parking spaces: 88 / 7

A concept submitted in a contest for an urban architecture concept of a hotel building on Zaciszna street 2A in Gdynia Orłowo. Within the lot two buildings were designed, one of which was planned as a hotel and one to hold a SPA complex with multifunction rooms. Both buildings are linked by an underground connection designed in the west area of the site. The new hotel building was designed in the place of an old sanatorium building set for demolition and constitutes a compact, cuboid block comprising three visually distinct parts. Its bottom part consists of two levels and is mostly inset in the terrain resulting in an interesting intertwining of the hotel body and the natural site terrain form.