Gdańsk ul. Dąbrowszczaków

Allcon Budownictwo Sp. z o.o. S.K.

expected for 2018

2016 r.

- build-up area: 1382,0 m2
- floor area: 11379,2 m2
- total area: 25398,14 m2
- number of flats: 156
- number of commercial spaces: 8
- number of parking spaces: 201

Residential blocks with commercial space and technical infrastructure.

A design of two blocks of flats based on the shape of a triangle. Both are of thirteen storeys and look alike. They have been located on the compositional axis of north-south, fitted with characteristic triangular balconies in the corners, and bay windows every second level. On their rooftops there is place for recreational terraces shielded from the north by high attics - characteristic elements for both the buildings, constituting their crowning. Many flats face the sea and most of them are fitted with loggias rather than balconies. When colours are concerned, the design is kept in monochrome style utilising white and grey.

These residential buildings; commercial space is located on the ground level, as well as parking lots, storage spaces, and technical facilities in the underground. In the ground-floor there is also the main lobby with the entrance to the residential part (separately for each building).