function:Philharmonic Concert Hall


Marshal's Office of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship

2018 r.

- Building area: 15.625 m2
- total area: 32.520 m2
- number o parking spaces: 303

The Music Centre together with the City Park was designed as part of an international architectural competition aimed at designing a new concert space in Krakow, in the Grzegórzki district. The designed building is a five-storey, compact body on a polygon plan, 13 meters high, and two 23-meter superstructures above the main concert halls. The façade was created based on the "double skin" technology, where glass walls in a mullion-transom structure were combined with a copper sheet on a light aluminum substructure. The façade panels are designed as grooved, with a constant triangular division and diversified perforation aimed at functional illumination of the interior. The main assumption behind the project was to create a multi-program centre - a kind of "temple of music", which gives the opportunity to practice and interact with music for the broadly understood group of music lovers and artists. In addition to the traditional concert halls (recital, city and philharmonic), rehearsal rooms adapted to the needs of the Capella Cracoviensis and Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestras have also been planned, as well as open spaces and "music rooms" within the park, enabling an experimental approach to music. The zones for musicians of permanent orchestras, guest orchestras, employees, suppliers, spectators and people using the educational zone and restaurant, located on the top floor, have been clearly defined.