function:Dom studencki

Robotnicza St. Gdańsk



- total area: 11.145,7 m²
- usable area: 8.499,2 m²
- number of housing units: 279
- number of service premises: 1
- number of parking spaces: 26

Collective residence building - a facility where hotel services are provided. The project involves the construction of a collective six-storey residence building with a service part with the necessary infrastructure, covered with a steep gable roof. The building was designed as an inverted L-shaped double-winged shape, with the vertical wing along the eastern border of the plot (two staircases), the horizontal wing (one staircase) located parallel to the flyover at Popiełuszko Str. The building has a partial basement. The façade is finished with clinker bricks, the roof is covered with titanium-zinc sheet.

A small retail and service space has been designed on the ground floor on the south side. There are 26 parking spaces on the plot.