function:Dual-purpose building: residential part, service part

22 Toruńska Str., Gdańsk

Marvipol Dwie Motławy

Under construction

- Usable area: 4.962,48 m2
- total floor area: 5.540,4 m2
- number of service premises: 2
- number of residential premises: 41
- number of parking spaces in the underground garage: 41

The designed building is a seven-story building (including one underground floor). The above-ground part consists of a high ground floor with mezzanine apartments (called LOFTs), four repeatable floors with flats and commercial premises, and a sixth floor on which (similarly to the high ground floor) apartments with mezzanines (LOFTs) are situated. Level 0.00 on the ground floor is 2.50m above sea level. The entrance to the underground garage is from Grodza Kamienna Street. The designed building is similar in its general layout to the plan of the letter "L", and the facades have an individual, distinctive character which correlates with the designed interiors of the common parts - the lobby.