Gdańsk, ul. Stągiewna 23­-26

Genfer Hotel Gdańsk Sp. z o.o.

stage 1: finished - 2015;
stage 2: finished - 2017

- floor area: 9949,2 m2
- total area: 13633,8 m2
- number of hotel rooms: 210
- number of conference rooms: 4
- number of parking spaces in underground garages: 23

- interior design: DessalesFlint

The four-star hotel, PURO, is an eleven-storey building (including two underground levels) covered with double-pitched roof, whose ridge runs along Stągiewna Street. Within the building there are two inner yards surrounded by building's hotel rooms. The yards are adjacent to the southern facade. One inner structure of the building's facade imitates three granary houses, reflecting the old plot division. To further stress the division different parts of building's facade have been varied in a such a way that three parts of southern and northern facade suggest three distinct buildings.