Gdańsk, ul. Chmielna 63

LP Chmielna Sp. z o.o. Gdańsk


- floor area: 7694,4 m2
- total area: 10127,3 m2
- number of hotel rooms: 43
- number of apartments: 55
- number of parking spaces in underground parking lots: 59

A residential and and commercial building in Gdańsk, Wyspa Spichrzów by the Motława river bank.

This eleven-storey building (including two underground levels) has been designed on the basis close to a parallelogram and has two staircases. The building is adjacent to a complex of 4 historic granaries from the North and together they constitute a fragment of frontage along the Stara Motława. Realising the requirements of the local area development plan the building is characterised by facade structure where it constitutes the street's frontage. Outside of the building a clear division into four sections is visible along the line perpendicular to the river. It aims at reflecting historical plot divisions and "miedzuch" connecting Chmielna Street with Motława and going between the northern plot 187 border and the structure of old granary. Within the northern part of the building an inner yard has been designed over the second floor. Material used for facades and architectural details aim at giving the building modern looks linking it to the period of its creation without disturbing the historical cityscape.