Budynki wielofunkcyjne (FREEDOM TOWERS)

function:Complex of multifunctional buildings (offices, hotel, residential part)

Nowomiejska-Popiełuszki-Jaracza Str., Gdańsk

RKD Development Gdańsk sp. z o.o.

2017-2018 r.

Variant 1
- residential area (PUM): 13.650 m2
- office space for rent (GLA): 25.350 m2
- hotel area (GA): 5.000 m2
- number of hotel units: 105
- area of service premises (GA): 3.910 m2
- max. height of the development: 122 m

Variant 2:
- residential area (PUM): 11.300 m2
- office space for rent (GLA): 24.850 m2
- hotel area (GA): 11.000 m2
- number of hotel units: 210
- area of service premises (GA): 4.850 m2
- max. height of the development: 62 m

The initial concept of the "Freedom Towers" investment was made in variants, as a complex of buildings with various functions (hotel, office, service and housing) aimed at showing the possibility of building development within the plot in the immediate vicinity of the Gdańsk Shipyard and the European Solidarity Centre. An alternative solution was prepared, allowing for different building heights. The area of the Young City, as one of the last locations in Gdańsk, allows for high-rise development. Therefore, the concept includes the possibility of designing skyscrapers whose façades directly refer to the nature of the Shipyard, using modern material solutions, introducing modern shapes into the characteristic, valuable space of the city centre. As part of the prepared concepts, efforts were made to supplement the existing urban tissue of the surroundings, setting only the conceptual direction in which the Young City should develop as far as further investments are concerned. Each of the dominant elements of the complex reflects the nature of the function it is related to. The variable number of glazing, loggias, balconies or irregular wall configurations becomes a determinant of the proposed architecture and the unified elevation of the pedestal, referring directly to the shapes of the buildings constructed upon it, creating a common denominator for the entire complex. The dominant materials within the façade are ceramic plates, fibre-cement plates or quartz sinters, and glass with ceramic razor blades. Every effort was made to ensure that the proposed new architecture does not dominate the area, but only emphasises the values of the existing surroundings. In each of the dominants, the peaks were formed in a way that resembles marinistic solutions.